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Gaetan Serré
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Sport Shop and Book store in Chelmsford in 1973 till 1975.
built a 5th Wheel Trailer Plant in Sturgeon Falls "Transcontinental coach" until 78
Went back in Education, retraining adults with Canadore College. In Jan. 1979,
he started a Campus in Sturgeon Falls and as Director  went from 15 students in Jan.
1979 to 450 full time day students and 1100 Part-time.
Went on a disability pension in May 1987, completely burned out.
took him 10 years to recuperate his  health.
Gaetan is currently doing very well with his long distance phone company PhoneNet.
01-Gaetan was born January 24th 1938
Gaetan's Children
Gaetan left Desaulniers to go to Sudbury at Sacred Heart College in Sept. 1952, to start his Classical
studies which was 8 years, but  left at Easter of 1955 to  work and  help support the  family. Worked  for
the CN in different stations from North Bay to Nakina and Armstrong.
worked as a telegraph operator and station agent steady from 1955 to 1958 and then Part-time during
my studies from 1955 to 1962. I went back to Sacred Heart College in the fall of 1958 and then to
Laurentian University where I graduated in the spring of 1962 with a BA in Philosophy. Priesthood to the
Grand Seminary in Montreal in the fall of 1962. Ordained deacon in may 1965, and assigned to
minister in the Parish of Verner until Sept 1965. Left the priesthood at end of October 1965. MA in
theology.  teaching in High School in Hamilton and then in Chelmsford. fall of 1967 he  was elected
councillor for the Town of Chelmsford and then MP in June 1968.MP for Nickel Belt till november 1972.
Click here to hear Gaetan play his violin
Gaetan started taking violin lessons at age 60, he now can read sheet music,gives violin
lessons to other students,has his own recording studio, has produced five fiddle CDs already,
has sold a couple thousand copies and he is busy playing in Festivalsand other special
occasions and he has won first prize in fiddle contests on more than one occasion.