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Pauline Serré
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03-Pauline was born May 6th 1940
Pauline left home in the fall of 1957 for a convent in Montréal  Hotel Dieu de Montreal. As a nun she
had many duties that included nursing in 1967-69. Certified R.N.A.(CHUM) Gerontologie - Geriatric 1969
Sherbrook P.Q.
From 1970-73 Nursing supervisor at Villa-Maria Home for the Aged in Windsor Ont.
1973 wedded Ronald Major.
Teaching in west Nipissing district 1975-76 and 1980.
1976 coordinator of the “West Nipissing Cultural Pavilion.
1977-79 Secretary for U.C.F.O.
1979-80 Correspondante journaliste for le Voyageur and La Tribune.
1989-90 Foster Parent.
1991-1992 Care taker / family home provider for Handycaps.
1989 to 1998 Helped abandoned children (children s aid) and the handicap
Pauline and Ronald' childrens