Ubald Eugene Serré born March 26, 1939
2nd Born of a family of 16. As you can imagine he always felt, he had
to prove himself to his parents and others. A small ,shy,  frail child he
learned quickly he had to fight in order to survive in this world.
As a teenager he developed into a
tough young boy constantly doing
weights to be the strong man.
At the age of 12 worked in his fathers store the
C.O.O.P. then went on to work for Claude Larcher as
2nd cook, and Albert Zadeau in wood industry.
in 1956 at the St-Jean De Breboeuf Hospital in Sturgeon Falls. He started as a Cook
but quickly moved up from Chef  to Orderly to Chief Orderly. Certified R.N.A in 1960 .
Left the hospital in 1965 for Abitibi Pulp and Paper Co. till 1968.
Furniture Centre from 1968-70 as salesman/bookkeeper. Was Elected as Councilor for the town of Sturgeon Falls from 1969 to 1976
when he resign. Villeneuve Furniture from 1970-72 as Manager.
Bought the Sturgeon Falls Tribune in 1973 with 4 other
partners.Ubald  became sole proprietor of the newspaper in
1974 until 1981 when it was sold to Laurentian Plublishers.
Bachelor of Art Degree
Laurentian University 1990

Diploma and Certificate of Pastoral
Theology at Sherbrooke University 1991.
Nipissing District Social Services Board From 1981 to 1992 ….Fieldworker I and II.
Smooth Rock Falls Detoxification
Centre from 1992 to 1993.
Municipality of Ottawa-Carlton
…Social worker III from 1993 until
he retired in 1997.
Ubald Serré passed away on November 8th 2003.
Resting at the Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario - Eulogy and pics Click Here
A  wonderful old cemetery that includes people who built the nation's capital, and the region's most powerful and prominent citizens.
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