The Sturgeon Falls Tribune, a local billingual Newspaper own and operated by Ubald Serre from 1974-1981
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to a new
company formed by five
Sturgeon Falls residents
has been announced
by the former owners,
Northern Times
limited of Kapuskasing.
The sale is effective
Febuary 21,1973
Ubald Serré
Manager & Owner
G. Desormiers
U. Serré
G. Ouellette
M. Labbé
B. Leblanc
1974 - 1981 Ubald Serré sole proprietor.
Ubald Serré  became sole proprietor of the newspaper in
1974  . With his talent has a saleman and being member of
pretty much every organisations in Sturgeon FallsThe Tribune
quickly grew from 12 page to 24 and at times 36 pages.
The newspaper involved the Serré family,printing
In 1979 the Tribune was givin to Alain and the
Printing dept givin to Yvon.
Unfortunatly  it wasn't meant to be...
In January of 1980 the printing dept was sold to
Eugene Cardinal.
In 1981, Laurentian Plublishers (Northern Newspaper
Chain) purchased the Sturgeon Falls Tribune qualifying it
as one of their most successful business ventures.