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Florence Serré
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07-Florence was born May 24th 1945
Florence's childrens
Florence: Singer composer Author, guitarist and teacher. She left home in august
of 1962 for a convent in Ottawa  fille de la Sagesse . She returns home in 1963
because of her mother s failing health.
She returned to convent Noviciat-Febuary of 1965
First vows -February 1966
Intense religious Studies1966-67, “le Juniorat�
Pré-Universitaire 1966-67, University of Ottawa
Teaching College 1967-68
Teaching 1968-70-école Cadieux, a  Vanier, 2e année, 70-71-pré-maternelle
Trip to France, perpétuels-vows  june-August 1971
Teaching 1972-74-école Ste-Marie, a  Elliot Lake, 7th grade
Left the convent-novembre 1974
August 30th 1975 married Roger Rainville of Verner.
1987-88- Returns to University
1988-89- B.A in sociology, mineure en psychologie et un Bachelier degree in
1989-90- Kirkland Lake- Teacher, école d immersion- St-Jérome, 7e  et 8e grade
1991-92- Teaching in  London ontario, 10th grade, French et 9th grade, Music.
1992-93- pédagogic councillor in relious teaching. Schools county of Simcoe.
1993-95- Returns in the Classroom, 2nd grade, école Frère-André in  Barrie.
1996- Retiered Because of health problems.